Light Keeper for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a simple game with no more of a goal other than to get a high score. A light goes on in a window, you tap the lit window, the light goes out, and the game continues. In print and in the description at BlackBerry App World, that hardly seems to be an entertaining game. And had I just played the first few levels - there are 25 in all - I might agree with that statement.

You see, the game is not as simple as turning off a light. There are several pitfalls to avoid. Tap a window that isn't lit? Lose a life. Tap a window with a person in it? Lose a life. Leave the windows lit for too long? Lose a life. You only have three lives in a level, so you have to be stingy with your mistakes. As the game progresses there are more windows to tap, more people hiding in them, and the windows turn on and off much more quickly. By the time I reached level 14 - again, out of 25 - I was using both hands to play the game and cursing up a storm at my slow reflexes.

Light Keeper is a fun, free way to while away a few minutes on your BlackBerry tablet. It may not be the most complex game on the PlayBook, but its simplicity is fun.  Now, simple does not always mean easy, especially with this game. You'll need all your concentration and reflexes working at their max in order to make it to the final level. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try yet again to beat level 15...

Light Keeper for the BlackBerry PlayBook is available in all countries except South Korea.

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