Games, games, games and more games! The BlackBerry PlayBook is rapidly becoming one of the best mobile gaming platforms around; at least that's how I see it. The latest game I have had the opportunity to download and give a whirl is Light it Up by MangoLab Studios. In Light it Up your job is to ensure that the fish's light bulb doesn't die out, and you'll do so by capturing battery packs in the underwater cave. But be careful as the caves are infested with sharks, jagged rocks and other obstacles, all of which will stop you from getting recharged and sadly die.

  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Device based leader boards
  • High-quality graphics
The cleverest fish in the sea has just developed a new invention to light up the deepest part of the ocean: a lamp that is connected to his head! But in order to keep the light on, he needs to collect the batteries that are all over the ocean. Help him to keep the light on, avoiding the obstacles and enemies that appear along the way, collecting the power ups to help you go as further as you can!

If you've ever played the "helicopter in a cave" game (the one where you fly the helicopter through a cave while dodging overhanging rocks) then you'll feel right at home with Light it Up. Something I was hoping to see was some sort of online leader boards, maybe even scoreloop. With leader boards, you could see how far in the cave your fish got in comparison to others from around the world. Check out the video review and if you're digging the game then head over to BlackBerry App World and get it for only .99 cents.

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