Light Anytime and Shot Share - 500 copies of each available for free!

Looking for some new apps to try out? Sure you are. Everyone always enjoys some new apps, especially if they're free. As I've said a few times before here on the blogs, I really love simple apps. Apps that I didn't know I needed until I started using them and they end up becoming a part of my daily usage. The folks at IWIK have built a couple now that fit that criteria for me, Light Anytime and Shot Share, and they've decided to go ahead and give away 500 copies of each for free to CrackBerry readers.

  • Light Anytime - Builds off of the native flashlight app and improves upon it making it so that it works even when you don't have your phone unlocked or the screen lit. Light Anytime runs headless in the background, and all you need to do to turn your flashlight on is use your volume keys, you can even create your own specific patterns that will trigger it. There's also a Momentary Mode, which turns the flashlight on when you press and hold either volume up or down (you choose) and turns off when you release. It's a simple 'add-on' functionality that works great when your hands are full, and you can't activate the flashlight the normal way.

  • Shot Share - Along the same lines, in the fact it builds off of the native functions, Shot Share makes it easier to share your screenshots. To use, simply take a screenshot (volume up + volume down at the same time) and you will see an instant message along the top of the screen. Tap that message and you're sharing the screenshot. The great thing about Shot Share though is that it also temporarily places a notification in the Hub, so if you miss the share message or otherwise dismiss it, you can still share that shot without having to dig through all your previous screenshots. Plus, it's headless and includes a screenshot organizer that allows you to scroll through your screenshots with a left or right swipe, the control buttons, or on QWERTY devices with the keyboard shortcuts.

Both, Light Anytime and Shot Share, usually sell for $0.99 in BlackBerry World but as I mentioned, IWIK is offering 500 copies of each for free. All you have to do is open up BlackBerry World, swipe from the top, go to redeem and enter in the code Iwikgiveaway2015 and they'll begin downloading.