The License Plate Game!

Ever been on a long trip be it as a child or even as an adult and began playing the license plate game? I know I have pretty vivid memories of playing it as a child with my cousins on trips we used to take. Now, you can take it on your BlackBerry device with you all while learning educational facts about the areas in which you are seeking out. Features of The License Plate game include:

  • 51 state license plates to find.
  • Several facts about each state.
  • Images of the most popular license plate from each state.
  • A leaderboard and remaining plates list to quickly see who's in the lead.
  • Auto saving features so quitting the game won't make you lose your data.
  • Several settings to make the game easier to use.
  • 25 background choices to personalize your application.
  • (Background color only available on some models)

Currently available for all devices and set at $4.99. Next time the kids say they are bored, while on a road trip toss em your BlackBerry and let em have it. A new twist on an old game.

  • More Information and Download The License Plate Game >>