These days, BlackBerry is like a sitting duck and everyone is waiting in the woods to take shots at them. In the case of LG though, it would seem they not only underestimated their own brand loyalty but they also never took into account just how passionate BlackBerry users are as well.

I will never give up my BlackBerry, just too functional, and indestructible. Angie Hady, Facebook

As you can see in the image above, LG decided to take to Facebook to fire a shot directly at BlackBerry telling folks to write a eulogy for their BlackBerry on their new LG G2. Looking through the comments on that post, it backfired terribly and arguably made BlackBerry look good.

Normally, with things like this people tend to get, shall we say, overly defensive with their comments but the stream on Facebook is actually quite reasonable with a lot of folks sticking to what actually makes BlackBerry a better choice for them than the LG G2. 

After having used BB10 for a few weeks and falling in love with it, I strongly believe that most of the negative comments about BB10 are from people that have never used it for any length of time.Nadeem Pir, Facebook

The other factor that had folks upset was simply that they have had LG phones in the past and seemingly had issues with them. Various posters on the Facebook page noted quality concerns with LG devices and were suggesting that instead of insulting BlackBerry, maybe LG should get their own affairs in order, especially when it comes to hardware reliability.

Very poor form, LG. Looks like this has back-fired on you. No, BlackBerry isn't doing well right now -- due to poor marketing and advertising. However the devices themselves are excellent, efficient, and not copied from rival devices, such as Samsung.John Westover, Facebook

I have to admit, it's always a bit funny to me watching companies go back and forth with each other but with this one, I'm not even sure what LG was thinking. It's no secret BlackBerry is going through some tough times right now, even they admit that but for another company to take a shot like this, to me shows there is still some fear of competition out there.

In any case, I hope LG was paying attention here because this is a good example of how not to run the social media portion of your business. I'm sure I know the answer to how you feel about it but, go ahead and drop some comments below or in the CrackBerry forums letting us know your thoughts on the situation and of course, hit up the LG Facebook post if you want them to know how poor form it was all. Just remember, do so constructively. 

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