Being a new F1 fan, I've been diving deeper into all the Formula One goodness on race weekends. I try my best to check out the practice and qualifying sessions as they happen, but for most races I've had to DVR them as they show a bit early here on the east coast. I make it a point to avoid social media on race day and have been doing pretty well so far. Kevin nearly blew the race with a BBM yesterday but luckily didn't give too much away. It's been 24 hours but hopefully I'm not spoiling the results for anyone else :) 

So after my Sunday morning errands I settled in to check out the Hungarian Gran Prix and I have to say it was one of my favorite races yet. Without a win for Mercedes since joining the team, Lewis sat on the pole once again and this time didn't take it lightly. Right from the start he took control and really never looked back. He took a commanding lead through most of the race, only dropping back for a short time.

Team Mercedes wasn't too worried however as Lewis made great moves after his pit stops, never falling too far back in the pack. As things wound down, Lewis pulled ahead by over 10 seconds and ultimately took the checkered flag - marking his first win with Team Mercedes AMG Petronas. 

While his teammate Nico Rosberg started in 4th, he quickly dropped back and ultimately retired at lap 64 due to engine issues. Here's what he had to say:

So congrats to Lewis and Team Mercedes AMG Petronas. It was an amazing race and hopefully the start of many big things for Lewis and Team Mercedes!