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Something a lot of people overlook when buying a new BlackBerry, or any phone in that manner, is protection. Your BlackBerry is a $500 device that you carry around, toss in your pocket and all while forgetting its true value. I’ve personally gone through a few cases in my mission to find the perfect one. The latest one to cross my path is the Case-Mate Tough Case for BlackBerry Torch 9850/60. Continue reading to see just how well this case protects a BlackBerry smartphone.


The Case-Mate Tough Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 is designed with the extreme user in mind. While not completely out of the realm of a decent looking case, this case by Case-Mate features two levels of protection. The first level is a rubber shell that clips right onto your BlackBerry. The second level is a hard plastic outer shell that will protect your BlackBerry from drops and bumps. When both are used together, you are giving your Torch 9850/60 one of the highest levels of protection a case can give. A good choice for those in heavy-duty jobs or just those who drop their phones a lot.


  • Dual layers of silicone and ABS hard shell plastic combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions


The Good

  • High-level protection
  • Soft grip case
  • Access to ports and buttons not obstructed

The Bad

  • A little bulky
  • Phone won’t fit into holsters with case on
The Bottom Line

The Case-Mate Tough Case for BlackBerry Torch 9850/60 features a high-level of protection, perfect for those who are in high intensity jobs like construction. The case also features all the necessary openings to allow you to connect your USB cord, access the convenience keys, and lock your BlackBerry smartphone.

There weren’t too many issues I found with this case, but the biggest one was that the case would not allow your BlackBerry to go fit into any holsters, due to the size. So if you’re a holster type of person you may want to take a look at the OtterBox series to fill that void.


Three Amazing Alternatives

BlackBerry OEM Holster OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry Torch 9860 Seidio SURFACE Holster for BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9860
"Custom-designed for your BlackBerry Torch 9860, the BlackBerry Leather Pocket keeps your BlackBerry Torch 9860 looking good."
OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry Torch 9860
"The OtterBox Defender Series for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 offers rugged protection for your smartphone. The OtterBox Defender Series case will help keep your phone protected from drops, bumps, dust and shock."
Seidio SURFACE Holster for BlackBerry Torch 9860
"The durable spring clip on the Seidio SURFACE Holster holds your BlackBerry Torch 9860 securely in place, and then lifts for quick access."


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