When it comes to apps there is one thing that really floats my boat and that's a simple application that does what it says on the tin. Level Camera is just that. It is solely designed for making sure that when hanging pictures on a wall you get the picture/frame straight.

Now, you're probably thinking that doesn't sound too much fun however if you are going to be moving house or into interior design then it may well be a handy one to have stored on your BlackBerry.

Level Camera uses the gyroscope in the BlackBerry 10 device to maintain a leveling grid on-screen to ensure your picture is hung perfectly.

I suppose that normally this isn't the kind of application that would attract my interest but as the Crack Team are here at BlackBerry Live the developer approached me and as he is new to writing BlackBerry 10 apps I thought this one was good enough to feature.

More information/Download Level Camera for BlackBerry 10