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Tons of our readers have become fans of the popular visual voicemail application, YouMail, since 2008 when we started covering news and updates of the app. Today, YouMail has announced a partnership with LetsTalk.com, a San Francisco based online retailer of cell phones, wireless devices and service plans. Keep reading after the break for the official press release and more information.

IRVINE, Calif. – January 18, 2012 – YouMail, a leading provider of cloud-based, enhanced telecommunication services, and LetsTalk.com, a leading online retailer of cell phones, wireless devices, and service plans, have agreed to offer their services to each others’ customers. As part of the agreement YouMail’s Visual Voicemail will be preloaded onto many Android and Blackberry devices sold through the LetsTalk.com website while existing YouMail customers will now have the ability to purchase devices and services online from LetsTalk.com.

YouMail’s new online mobile store will be powered and run by LetsTalk.com. Subscribers to the company’s unique Visual Voicemail service can purchase mobile phones, wireless devices and services from the online marketplace currently available through LetsTalk.com. When visiting the online store YouMail users will automatically receive a custom view of the store that pertains to their existing carrier and device.

YouMail interacts every day with its smartphone-based subscribers making it a valuable platform for delivering mobile services,” said Alex Quilici, YouMail’s CEO. “LetsTalk.com allows us to quickly offer our customers a compelling buying experience, complementing services we develop ourselves with other relevant ones they want.”

LetsTalk.com is now preloading YouMail’s feature-rich Visual Voicemail Plus application on many of the Android and BlackBerry smartphones sold by the company. This provides LetsTalk.com customers with a simple “one-click” process for upgrading their basic carrier voicemail to YouMail.

“We’re pleased to provide a mobile store for YouMail,” said Dave Frame, Chief Marketing Officer of Letstalk.com. YouMail’s audience is mobile and smartphone savvy, making it the perfect audience to take advantage of our special offers by providing them with the ability to shop online, away from the pressure of retail stores. With YouMail we now have a valuable added bonus for our customers: a state-of-the-art visual voicemail service that’s only one click away.”

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