Lenovo Thinkbook Twist Plus Ces 2023 Crackberry
Source: Nirave Gondhia

Have you ever been running out of battery on your laptop, while doing something that didn't need a lot of power, like reading a document or scrolling the web? These tasks don't need a lot of power, but draw a lot of power thanks to the bright display on your laptop. Lenovo has a solution, and it's a laptop with a twist.

With a literal twist of the display on the new Lenovo ThinkBook Twist Plus, you can go from a gorgeous OLED display to an enhanced e-ink display. It uses a swivel that's mounted in the middle of the hinge, and lets you turn the screen with one hand to switch between the 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED and the 12-inch e-ink display on the lid.

The latter display draws far less power and can extend the battery life considerably – it's perfect if you're in a dark room, reading contracts, scrolling the web or just want a more safer experience on your eyes. It also displays the entire Windows interface and both panels supports pen input as well.

The ThinkBook Twist Plus follows the Yoga format of flexibility, and lets you bend the screen over so it's a larger tablet. The result means you can have an e-ink tablet, a regular tablet, an e-ink laptop and a regular laptop all in one device. Lenovo has previously made a laptop with an e-ink display on the lid, but this is a new concept on a laptop with a big twist. The ThinkBook Plus Twist will launch in June for $1,650.

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