BB 950 FrontIf you have been addicted to Crackberry as long as I have, you will remember using the classic 950 model back at the turn of the century. 

Back then, Blackberries were more like glorified pagers then the hi-tech multimedia devices they are today. 

I remember the first one I had.  I had it set to the "da da di di da da di <bzz> <bzz>" tone and vibrate notification when I received a new message.  I think it was called "1812 Overture ".  It was wicked cool.  We would sit around the server room and send messages back and forth to each other just to hear that vibrating little gadget known as the RIM Blackberry.  Ah the memories... 

Anyways, back in the early days of the Blackberry infancy (circa 1998), RIM engineer, Matthais Wandel , was tasked with testing the 900Mhz model's reception, which varied by orientation and angle.  So what did he concieve as a tool to aid in this testing?  By what of course, none other then the LEGO ....

Matthias says , "I wanted to devise a systematic method for measuring how well the pager did in a certain environment. Because there are always variations as the pager is moved due to the RF fading environment, I decided to average this out by moving the pager through a predefined pattern."

Kudos Mr. Wandel, Kudos indeed.

Lego BB Tester Thing A Ma Bob

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