Shao-Soft let us know that they have updated their popular app Leave It On to version 2.0. To those unfamiliar with the app, Leave It On lets you set your backlight to stay on longer for specific applications - just pick the app, set the time, and Leave It On takes care of the rest. Ive found it quite handy for various tasks, most recently when navigating with Google Maps in my car. Version 2.0 introduces a brand new UI and animated pop-ups. It seems to be yet another function that RIM should have built into the OS, but unfortunately is not. Leave It On supports pop-ups for a ton of popular apps ranging from BBM to third-party Twitter clients. Essentially a little pop-up appears at the top of your screen (no matter what app you are in at the time) with the message details, and then slides out after a few seconds. Check out the video above to see the updates in action. Leave It On is on sale for $3.99 through May 15th.

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