Shaosoft has been hard at work on Leave It On, and last night he released the latest version of the application with version 3. The first thing you'll notice after installing the new version is a totally revamped UI, very slick and clean. The menus are well laid out and intuitive, not to mention extensive. For those unfamiliar with the application, Leave It On started out as a simple backlight app used to keep your screen from timing out when using other applications. With the previous version, Shaosoft added animated popups for notifications, adding a whole new facet to the usefulness of the application, evolving it into something more than the simple utility app it was.

This latest version takes the concept of Leave It On 2 and amps it up, adding more 3rd party applications like Cnectd, Nimbuzz, etc. The popup animations can now be customized by contact, and more animations can be downloaded directly via the app from Shaosoft's website. The number of options included ensure that you can tweak the app exactly how you want it, showing popups for certain notifications, selecting applications that will automatically engage the backlight, and more. Check it out in the CB store, it's available for multiple devices and on sale for $3.99.There is also a free trial available for the "try before you buy" types.You can also check the forums thread here for more info and a youtube vid of the app in action.

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