Looking for a theme that provides you with a very clean overall appearance, yet maximum functionality from your homescreen at the same time? Our friends over at Cocky Culture have released their latest creation called LeatherBerry Elite. This theme offers a classy business like feel to the device, and offers lots of great features right from the homescreen. Users can define 6 homescreen icons of their choice along with a sliding pointer to indicate which icon is being selected. The banner bar of this theme also doubles as another place for more features, and when scrolled to, the bottom dock of icons disappears. The banner bar offers quick access to calendar, messages and missed calls, which allows the user to chose other icons to fill the space of the hidden dock. This theme also offers a fully custom set of icons, and meters, which contribute to the clean appearance. Overall, this theme provides users a fully custom look to make their BlackBerry stand out in the crowd, but can double up as a business professional theme, with maximum functionality. Leatherberry Elite is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.95. 
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