By now, most CrackBerry readers are familiar with QNX's long history in the automotive industry, but perhaps, a lesser known fact is that QNX already powers a wide range of medical applications as well including MRI machines, X-Ray machines, Medical Ventilators, artificial hearts and much, much more.

QNX Software Systems provides robust, reliable performance for your certified medical device. With QNX's field-proven and certified portfolio of pre-integrated technologies, solutions, services, and broad ecosystem, developers can focus on their IP, application design, and specific value proposition.

As a trusted industry leader for almost four decades, QNX is committed to providing operating systems and software that meet the unique and constantly evolving challenges facing medical device manufacturers today. We provide the building blocks that make innovations come to life and get to market faster, while fully complying with the strict safety, security, and connectivity requirements of medical applications.

The world's largest medical device manufacturers trust QNX to help run their blood diagnostics, ultrasound imaging, infusion delivery, heart monitoring and resuscitation, robotic surgery, and numerous other applications.

To educate everyone on the benefits of QNX in the healthcare space, the BlackBerry subsidiary has now released a new brochure that offers a closer look at QNX Medical. If you're interested in learning more about QNX Medical, its benefits and uses and what differentiates the QNX platform from other options, this is the brochure to take a look at.

Download the QNX Medical overview brochure