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While we all have plenty of spare time at home, now is a great time to learn a language. Fluent City offers 10-week personalized courses delivered by expert instructors, and the training is now 24% off at $299.99.

Language learning apps are a useful tool. But you can spend years playing mini-games without honing your conversation skills. In contrast, Fluent City gets you speaking from the first lesson.

Each week, you join a small class of students for two hours. The session is taken by an expert instructor, who introduces your chosen language bit by bit.

Every time you learn something new, you get the opportunity to practice by talking to your fellow classmates. This helps to reinforce your new vocabulary while building your confidence in real-world conversations.

Fluent City offers group courses for 11 different languages, with three levels to pick from. All you need is a computer and an open mind.

The courses are normally priced at $399, but you can get started today for just $299.99.


Sale 32772 Primary Image Fluent City: 10-Week Language Learning Course – $299.99

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