Out and about visiting historical sites? Or maybe you're just in an area where you have found a few points of interest and what to find out some more information? Ambient Details from Wikipedia may be of help. Using your location, coupled with information in Wikipedia, you can get information about the places around you.

So, how does the app work?

When you fire up the app, it will load up a map using your current location. If it picks up details on local points of interest then this will be indicated on the map. You can then tap those to be presented with information pulled from Wikipedia. From there you can open up the information on Wikipedia, use BlackBerry Maps to help you navigate to the place or have the text read out to you using Read Out (provided you have the app installed).

Ambient Details Search Map

You're not limited to search in location either. Using the overflow menu (on the bottom right), you'll find more options, once of which is to Search Other Places. Just type out the place and it will search it for you.

Ambient Details Overflow Menu


  • 100% Native BlackBerry Cascades
  • Graphical display of Wikipedia articles on the interactive BlackBerry 10 map including navigational support
  • Preparation of Wikipedia articles in a neatly arranged list
  • List-sorting of articles by distance to current position
  • You can listen to the complete Wikipedia article (*Read Out required)
  • Navigate with BlackBerry 10 Maps and BeMaps Pro
  • Your data is kept safe and sent anonymously to Wikipedia

Ambient Details from Wikipedia is not one of those apps that you'll use everyday - or maybe it can be if you travel a lot - but it's one of those apps that's nice to have as you never know when it will come in handy. Especially when you're on holiday or out of town. Like when you come see something interesting and you don't know what the place is called, you don't know what to search for, so you can just use your location to pull that information for you. It's certainly one app I'll keep in my travel folder, ready to use when the time comes.

Ambient Details Wikipedia inforation

Ambient Details is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost you $0.99.

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