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With 90% of companies now reliant on cloud services, anyone who understands the technology has a big advantage in the job market. The Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle gives you a head start, with 15 hours of video tutorials and six ebooks for $29.99.

The shift to cloud technology is happening fast, and Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular platforms. Even if you don't plan on becoming an engineer, learning about this service is a smart move.

This learning bundle covers a range of related skills, from migration to DevOps. Along the way, you discover how to work with PowerShell, set up networks, manage access, and develop new apps with Node.JS.

All of the content comes from Packt Publishing, a company that has created over 6,500 IT courses and books. You learn from expert instructors, and each course offers a certificate of completion.

You would normally pay $703 for this training, but you can pick up the bundle today for just $29.99.


Sale 29760 Primary Image The Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle – $29.99

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