Tie Master

Hey, let's face it, not every guy knows how to tie a tie. Recently I had to attend my Mother's wedding, which of course required me to have to dress up in a monkey suit and put on a tie. Yeah well, being able to put on the tie became an issue when I realized I had no idea how to actually tie it once around my neck. Knowing that my Mother would have shot me had I showed up not wearing my tie, I sought out a way to get it done up. Ask a friend, maybe the groom, or possibly even a bridesmaid? Nope, no one around as I was running late as it was.

So after realizing there was no way I was going to get this taken care of by another person, I sought out an application to assist me, as websites just did not help enough. In my search I found Tie Master 3.1, an application in the CrackBerry store. Perfect, just what I needed! After downloading the small app I was able to get my tie done up to a passable level (Yes, My mom did adjust it) and spared my own life from my Mother's wrath. Tie Master is far from a pretty application, but it does as stated: Helps you learn how to tie a tie. And as we all know, you are not a man until ya can do that. Be sure to check it out if you are among the many (admittedly or not) that are unable to tie your own ties.

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