Learn How To Make Your BlackBerry App A Super App

Continuing on with the BlackBerry Developer webinars, Research In Motion has just announced another one for those out there looking to design, build and deploy super apps onto the BlackBerry platform. The last webinar was focused on UI designs and this one will fall along the same vein most certainly, given the definiton of super apps which make use of all the BlackBerry UI aspects. Here is a run down of what will be covered:

  • design apps that are stickier, more intuitive, more engaging and more valuable to users
  • maximize network efficiency and battery life with “always-on” apps that run in the background, quietly waiting for the right time to spring into action
  • add custom menu items and data to the Inbox, Address Book and Calendar so your apps are always one click away
  • leverage true push technology to deliver “just-in-time” data with audible notifications and customized messages 

The webinar will be held on Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 2:00PM EST with Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations at Research In Motion doing the presentation. Registration is now open for all those interested and hopefully, like the other webinars RIM will make this available for rebroadcast.