Learn how to build compelling 3D apps using Cascades and OpenGL ES in the fouth Cascades webcast

With three Cascades webcasts wrapped up and available on-demand online, RIM is preparing the fourth edition in the webcast series. This fourth webcast is entitled "Building Compelling 3D apps using Cascades and OpenGL ES". It will entail how to use the Cascades UI components to integrate Open GL into a Cascades application.

If you haven't yet seen the first three sessions yet, you can catch up on all of them in time for the next session through the Cascades microsite. It includes all four editions of first session too, if you're interested to know the questions asked during those sessions.

The webcast will take place on Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 11am EDT. The usual Q & A section will happen straight after the webcast. Reserve your place today.

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