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Microsoft Excel is the bedrock of most number-crunching, and employers are looking for people who understand the software. The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle helps you become a genuine expert, with 43 hours of training from top-rated instructors. Thanks to a double price-drop, you can pick up the bundle now for just $39.99.

From financial forecasting to sports analysis, countless jobs involve working with data. If you don't understand Microsoft Excel, you have little chance of building your dream career.

Featuring 10 beginner-friendly courses, this bundle helps to demystify the software. Through concise video tutorials, you learn how to navigate Excel, use all the basic features, and save time with advanced techniques.

This includes lessons on data visualization, using formulas and functions, automating tasks with VBA, and setting up PivotTables.

Your instructors include Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton, who have taught over 150,000 students and are rated at 4.6 stars on Udemy.

Normally priced at $1,732, these courses are now just $39.99 with the bundle.


The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton – $39.99

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