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TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9810 pricing

Hey TELUS users, listen up. Everyone else is getting release dates and pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810, others have the devices available already, and now some information has leaked for TELUS as well. CrackBerry member Leviathan123 snapped a couple of pics today that will put some of your questions to rest.

According to the screenshots, you'll be able to pick up the BlackBerry Bold 9900 off contract for $629. If you're planning an upgrade, you can get the device for $579 on a 1 year contract, $529 on a 2 year, $349 on a three year, and 149 on a 3 year with a plan of at least $50). According to his information, it will be available August 12th. As for the BlackBerry Torch 9810, Leviathan123's information shows that the device will be available in both grey AND white, August 12th. Pricing here is a bit lower than the Bold 9900 with the outright cost listed at $599, $549 on a 1 year, $499 on a 2 year, $329 on a three year, and just $129 on a 3 year with a plan of at least $50.

Last we heard these devices weren't expected until the 15th of August, so I guess we'll know in a day or two if it's the 12th or not. In any case, they're so close you can practically smell that new 'Berry scent. The only thing missing now is the Torch 9860. You can check out the second screenshot after the break, and jump on over to the forums for discussion.

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TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9900 pricing

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