Leaked BlackBerry Passport OS upgrade files now available

Previously we let you all know BlackBerry was working on a fix for the Passport screen flicker issue and while there was no ETA mentioned, if you don't mind taking an unconventional route, you can try out that fix. OS has 'leaked' (using the term loosely because it's not a full autoloader) and it certainly does appear to be the fix for the BlackBerry Passport screen flicker issue.

I tested it out for a few hours after posting it in the forums but the best way to confirm that, without waiting for BlackBerry to say so, would be to load it up on a grander scale and give it a go. Like all leaks, if you're not familiar or comfortable with loading them, they should be avoided but if you're among the many who toss caution to the wind, dig in. Just don't blame us if things go bad, cool?

As this one is only the upgrade files, you should hit the forums for the instructions on how to load it up using Sachesi and drop any questions you may possibly have in there, so they can be better answered. At this time, the full list of changes within this OS are not known. That said, if you happen to spot anything aside from the flicker issue that has been improved, be sure to let others know as well.

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Hat tip @jmznvs