Tired of the BlackBerry leak? If so, go ahead and grab your USB cables because you can now give a OS a go if you wish. One exception though will be you STL100-1 owners, you unfortunately can't play with this one. Before you get to downloading though a few things to keep in mind and note about this release.

  • The Z10 and Q10/Q5 autoloader contains OS and radio
  • The Z30 version uses radio as the updated radio file was not available
  • The option to install applications from sources other than BlackBerry World is still available
  • There’s a new close tab animation in the browser

The rest is noted to seemingly be under the hood improvements. Like every leak, the typical disclaimer does indeed apply here. Be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. You dig? If you're biting the bullet then drop by the CrackBerry Forums and let us all know how it all works out for you. I'll be waiting for some feedback before I jump in.