If you simply must live on the bleeding edge of OS leaks then you can take some pleasure in knowing that OS has arrived for all the BlackBerry Z10 variations with the exception of the STL100-1 model. As with any leak we post, we always suggest a certain amount of caution be taken but with this release, extra consideration should given as to whether or not you want to give this one a go.

There is a great FAQ posted in the CrackBerry forums that covers a lot of questions and concerns and it's suggested that you give that a read before making any final decisions and of course, the standard disclaimer is in effect. Don't get mad at as if your device ends up damaged, eats your significant other or attacks you in your sleep. To put it plainly, you install this at your own risk and realistically you'll likely load it up, try it out and get rid of it shortly after.

With all that said and knowing no one will likely read the disclaimer anyway, some things you'll enjoy in this OS are the new Android app player, toast notifications, device monitor, Cascades settings menu, new copy and paste features and plenty more. If you're looking for the full details or some feedback from those who have already installed this build, then hit the link below to read the forum thread set up for this release.

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