As if you thought the day was almost over - another OS has popped up in the forums. lbfe is at it again and this time has OS for the Z10 models STL100-2/STL100-3/STL100-4 only, no STL100-1 love this time around. From what we've heard this is a pretty solid build so if you've been thinking about hopping on the 10.1 train this may be the time to do it. 

You'll again need a Windows PC to run the autoloader for your device, and of course this isn't an official OS and thus has no BlackBerry support behind it - so use caution when installing and don't complain if it breaks anything. We do recommend performing a full backup of your device before you fire it up ... just in case. 

If you don't know your Z10 model number you can find it by going to Settings > About.

Hit up the links below to download and the forums for more help and discussion. 

STL100-2 / STL100-3

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