If you've been using BlackBerry 10 for a while now, then you likely know that it has Evernote integration through the Remember app and you likely also know that as of right now there is no native app for Evernote available in BlackBerry World. That looks to be changing though, as in a recent build of BlackBerry 10.2 ( a fully native and working standalone Evernote app has been been discovered.

It's been extracted from the OS and if you're looking to give it a go, you can grab it via the download link. Keep in mind, you'll need to sideload it and well, it may not work on all OS' depending on which you have installed. Having tested it out though, it seems to be working on all current 10.1 builds. As for other builds, your mileage may vary. Best to check in the CrackBerry forums and see if your OS has been tested.

Download the leaked native Evernote app