Talk Up A Storm!!Like the true addict that he is, Kevin just sent me over the latest 'Verizon Talk Up A Storm ' document, right from the airport... It's hot off the press!

Unrelated Semi-Sarcastic Note: Wow, look at how happy they look in the promo picture. They sure look pleased to be having their picture taken by a Storm!

Talk Up A Storm: Snap, Record and Share

When we launch the world’s first touch-screen BlackBerry – the Storm – it will boast a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Storm's high-quality camera and camcorder, along with BlackBerry's reliable email features, make it the perfect device for anyone who wants to carry a mobile phone, camera and laptop all in one device.

And don't forget, it all runs only on America's Largest 3G Network – because a device is only as good as the network it's on.

A look at what makes the Storm's camera and camcorder features unique:

Talk Up A Storm - 3.2 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder

  • Snap and Share – Customers can use the high-quality 3.2 megapixel camera to take pictures and record videos wherever they are and then share their pictures and videos with others via picture messaging
  • Upload to Facebook and Flickr – Customers can upload pictures they take with the Storm to the popular social networking applications Facebook and Flickr, which are preloaded on the Storm right out of the box.
  • Record Video – Customers can record video in the normal (240 x 180) format that can be stored on the 8GB MicroSD card included in the Storm box (an 8 GB SanDisk microSD memory card comes pre-installed in the BlackBerry Storm), or customers can switch to MMS mode and record 30 second clips that can be sent via picture message.

Stay tuned for another Talk Up A Storm feature next Wednesday!

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