I had tested earlier in the week and it didn't work. Thanks to usman_hidayat19, he retested and it worked. And I just verified on my Q10.



Well, here it is folks. My first blog, and it's a doozy with BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2/3/4. This is a complete OS including radio. Sadly this will not work on the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 variant. Also, there is no support for the BlackBerry Q10 or Q5, as there is no proper radio.

Now onto the goods. This OS will bring along Dark Theme SMS, BBM, Calendar, and Contacts. The big thing to take away from this however, is if you need BBM Channels, you will lose your dark theme BBM. And as per all leaked OS's they keep improving on performance, speed and squashing those bugs. Also, if you fancied the camera from, then you'll want to side load that, as this camera does not have Face Focus.

As always, standard disclaimer applies as well. Use caution when installing any leaked OS on your device. Be sure to backup first using BlackBerry Link and follow our full tutorial on using an autoloader here

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