In case you thought this weekend was going to be a little on the boring side, guess again. A new OS leak (OK, it's not really a leak but rather a release version) has just been dropped in the CrackBerry Forums and this one is sure to please everyone who owns a BlackBerry 10 device, yes, even you STL100-1 owners. BlackBerry OS is now available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Like all leaks, you'll want to take caution while loading this one up as it's not an official OS but if you're into loading leaks, the scenario is all too familiar. We do suggest reading through the forums and asking questions you may have in there as it's the best place suited to address any questions or concerns you may have as we're not responsible for any damage that could potentially arise from loading this.

For the curious, this release has many improvements over previous releases including full radio support, lockscreen previews, android app player improvements and much more. Plus, unlike previous leaks, you'll no longer have your PIN displayed on your device. Need to know more? Hit up the forums using the link below.

If you need help installing the leak using an autoloader, be sure to check out our full tutorial here.

Download the leaked OS