We've already got a close look at BlackBerry Link 1.2 in some screenshots earlier but as of now the update hasn't started to roll out of Waterloo for whatever reason. No matter though, if you're on Windows based computer and want to give it a go, you can now grab the leaked version. Sorry Mac users, you're in the dark here.

Overall, you'll see some visual improvements to the app as well, faster and more reliable back-ups, better synch offerings and more options for when it comes to restoring your device. Additionally, there is also fixes for remote access and logging in via your BlackBerry ID.

Like all leaks, you're downloading this one at your own risk. There is no promise here that all things will work as expected and really, you'll want to use caution when using it. If for whatever reason you find this version isn't working the best for you then it is suggested you revert to the official release.

Download the leaked BlackBerry Link 1.2