A short snippet of the leaked BlackBerry 10 demo video showed a very interesting evolution of video chat. Though we've been able to video chat over the PlayBook for awhile now, this demo shows two people chatting over BBM, then one of the users switching over to a document, which is then shared live to the other participant. While skimming through the document, a thumbnail of the ongoing video chat conveniently slips in at the top of the screen. Smart, no? 

Considering the video (which has been taken down from Vimeo with extreme prejudice likely by RIM's legal department) also showed the Safari browser when glimpsing through some of the PlayBook's browsing capabilities, I wouldn't be surprised if this feature just turns out to be the wishful thinking of a few marketing and design guys, but hey, maybe it will be one of those gems RIM is holding back after showing off a bunch of BB10 features at BlackBerry Jam Americas.  

What are the odds that this feature will pan out? What kind of video chat, document, or BBM features would you like to see in BlackBerry 10?