Bold 9650 User Guide

* Download Link: Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide *

With the leaked 9650 OS today, the included user guide not so surprisingly shows the device as being labeled as the Bold 9650. As has been rumored before and stated many times since on the blogs and in the forums, this update device to the original Tour (which now has WiFi, optical trackpad and more) won't be released as a Tour but rather as a Bold, so any doubters can take this new user guide as one more piece of evidence. We talked more on the new CDMA Bold on yesterday's CrackBerry podcast so be sure to take a listen there if this device is of interest to you.

While the relabeling the Tour to a Bold isn't that shocking of a notion anymore, what is surprising (to me anyway) is that this user guide points to the device retaining a model number of 9650 still despite the product family change. Now that it's a Bold, I would think RIM would instead push it into the BlackBerry 97xx line, being a 9750 or 9730 or something like that. Instead it keeps in line with the 96xx series numbering. I guess it doesn't really matter, but it does seem odd to me. It has been rumored by some that this OS may be a final version for the new device, so if true it could be a Bold 9650 afterall. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out! 

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