I love it when new things seem to pop up out of nowhere. With that in mind, I was quite a bit overly excited to see that League of Heroes has arrived in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game which gained popularity on iOS, Android and Facebook is pretty awesome and one of my all time favorite time wasters. If you're not familiar with the game, it's a pretty epic action adventure game that you'll lose plenty of hours to and the features included make for some great replay value:

  • A never ending adventure -  Hack your way through unlimited areas in the forest of Frognest.
  • Gear up and customize your character - Choose the best strategy to fight enemies and customize your character with countless armor options and weapons.  
  • Evolve along your adventure - Gather experience and silver, find treasures, and unlock tons of unique items, including magic.  
  • Complete quests - Complete over 60 quests, earn silver coins, and receive a higher ranking.  
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and animations - Enjoy spectacular-looking 2D visuals with top-notch animations.  
  • Real-life weather effects -  Play the game and enjoy several weather and time effects based on real weather in your location. You will experience heavy rain with thunder, cloudiness, fogs, night time, etc. Internet connection required.

The only downside i can see here is the fact that Gamelion Studios opted to charge $3.99 for the PlayBook version when all other variations of the game are free. I'm not saying it's not worth the $3.99 but some parity here would have been nice to see. You can check out the trailer above to get a good look at what you'll be getting yourself into or if you're ready to jump in right now, hit the link below to grab the download.

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