Bonjour. Like the name of the game suggests - Le Vamp for BlackBerry 10, has a distinct French theme about it. Your mission is to keep your character (Le Vamp) alive by getting as far as you can and keeping him stocked up on blood while avoiding a selection of deadly obstacles and collecting coins. 

The coins (Francs) you pick up can be used to upgrade certain things in the store such as Powerups, Charms/Curses, Clothing etc. Just tap on the coins as they appear to grab them. In addition, you will also find some in-app purchases here in 'Le Bank' - something that I'm not too keen on considering I had already paid a buck for the app in the first place, but that's life. 

Le Vamp (with his entourage behind him) will automatically walk across the screen and you need to use gestures to avoid death. At the top of the display you will see your current blood level. Being a vampire, blood is pretty important and you'll need to feed the 'blood pigs' to Le Vamp . This is done simply with a gesture from the pig towards him, but you will need to time it just right so they don't miss and get wasted. Let the blood supply run dry and you're in trouble. Just to make life a little harder you will also encounter 'garlic pigs'. Garlic and vampires don't mix well so you'll need to flick these away from Le Vamp. 

I mentioned obstacles - there are a variety and each will require a different gesture to get them out the way. The three pumpkins need three taps, some need an upwards swipe and others a downwards one, but you will be taught which is which when you play for the first time. 

Overall, Le Vamp is a great game. The further you get, the faster the game becomes, so you are guaranteed challenging game play each time. With nice, bright, crisp graphics, combined with super sound effects Le Vamp gets the big thumbs up from me. On a side note you don't need to take advantage of the in-app purchases. I've stayed away and I'm still having a decent time with the game. 

Features include:

  • UNDEADLY CHALLENGES - Nine hideously adorable enemies and hazards block Le Vamp's fun, including Le Wurst and the dreaded Pumpkin Pile 
  • DIGITAL FUN - Wield your finger to cut, yank, smash, block, fling and destroy
  • SUMMON DARK POWERUPS - Take advantage of black magic like Sunblock, Jitterbeans, and Hypnosis to help Le Vamp overcome obstacles
  • UPROARIOUS UPGRADES - Cash in your francs to outfit Le Vamp with Bacon Cologne, Super Fingers and more
  • ACHIEVEMENTS - Conquer missions and beat the living daylights out of friends on multiple social networks!

Le Vamp is priced at £0.75/$0.99, which feels like good value for money if you ask me. Plus it's available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets - bonus. 

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