Lazy Lists

I got me a nice surprise when refreshing my downloaded applications in BlackBerry World today. Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 - which happens to be my note app of choice has received an update and quite a big one too. 

Although not a huge factor, I was surprised to see that the app now has a brand new logo to go along with the new additions and UI enhancements. To cut a long story short - the already great app has had an overhaul and now allows users to be more productive - something which is key for most BlackBerry users. 

Nice job once again Mr Developer. 

Lazy Lists v 3.0.1 Release Notes:

Feature Additions

  • Auto scroll when rearranging list items
  • Select time with the date the list is due
  • List item deletion indicator pop-up can be turned off
  • Manual restoration of past purchase of additional feature
  • Select calendar Lazy Lists integrates to
  • Active Frame - Select to display items from currently opened list or all lists - Toggle Active Frame to off and display static image to save battery life

UX Enhancements

  • Huge performance boost
  • Creating new list item greatly simplified
  • Share/Settings of the list embedded in list header (accessible by tapping)
  • Export lists into Lazy Lists folder
  • List items can display 2 lines
  • Text size inherits from system settings
  • Splash Screen
  • Active Frame - Active Frame shows list name and the items within the list - When there’s no list items to display, it now displays “no list item” instead of a blank active frame

Bug Fixes

  • Setting list item “done” does not scroll the list to the top
  • Editing a calendar entry that doesn’t exist in the native Calendar application creates a new calendar entry
  • Expand list header at start now works
  • Active Frame
  • Battery drain bug eliminated

Lazy Lists is free and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. What more could you wish for? 

More information/Download Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10