Lazaridis Comments on Data Outages and the iPhoneOur friends at SearchMobileComputing had a chance recently to sit down with Mike Lazaridis at the Gartner's Wireless and Mobile Summit in Chicago. The conversation was quite interesting, touching on the outages and new competition from the iPhone.

When asked about the recent outages, Lazaridis replied:

"We got a lot of criticism as to why we couldn't tell what happened within the first two hours. But you know what? We couldn't care less what happened; we just want to get it back up. And then we'll figure out what happened."

He also added:

"It's a blessing that they (users) care about us so much; it's a curse that we have to deal with it when something goes wrong,"

When questioned on the iPhone and their announcement of entry into the Enterprise world:

"I think the iPhone has a great deal of appeal to a certain class of users..."

He also added that Apple's approach produced devices that inevitably sacrificed advanced features for aesthetics. The interview covers a lot of good stuff, so click on over, take a read and come back and let us know what you think!

[ via SearchMobileComputing