We are constantly on the go and looking for bigger and better ways to speed up production.  RIM was in the right mind when they added the convenience key to the side of our BlackBerry's, and the new application LaunchPads takes full advantage of it. 

LaunchPads easily lets you launch your most used applications from the side convenience key.  You have the ability to customize each of the ten buttons to do anything from launching an application, to dialing a phone number, to composing an email or SMS and even a loading a web page in your BB browser. 

At first the setup was a little daunting, having to search for the specific module for the application.  Once I figured it out it was a breeze - luckily the setup instructions and the customer service from Fabian Heuwieser (user BBA) couldn't be better.  If you're like me and want to have a multitude of applications at the ready, LaunchPads is for you. Its great to be able to drop an SMS with one button, get straight to my calander without scrolling through icons, or call my girlfriend without needing to shuffle through my contacts.  Overall, LaunchPads is a great application that you definitely shouldn't miss. 

Currently at version 1.4 (and being updated constantly), It's available in the Store for only $6.  Also check out Fabian's other applications like SMS Display On and his newest (and perhaps most popular release) VibandRing

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