Start any app when you turn on your device with LaunchMe - 300 copies up for grabs

Accomplishing tasks and reaching one's goals are important in both our business and personal life. When things become hectic and there isn't enough time, sometimes we need a little nudge. This is where LaunchMe comes into play. This headless application is a simple yet effective way of launching applications when you need them.

How does this work you might ask? LaunchMe presents users with the ability to set three different schedules to launch specific BlackBerry 10 applications when you turn on your BlackBerry device. This includes third party and Android applications.

Say for instance you are at work and have several important meetings throughout the day. By using LaunchMe, you can set your device to automatically launch the calendar app each time you wake your device and set the duration for how long this action will last. For example, you can have it start at 9:00am and end at 10:30am. During this timeframe anytime you wake or turn on your device, even if you previously closed out of the application, whichever application is set in LaunchMe, instantly launches.

At the moment there are three slots with which to select your applications from the dropdown menus. Whether you wish to select a system application, third party application, or even an Android application, LaunchMe will help you to be more productive throughout the day.

For a limited time, Toysoft is offering 300 copies to our readers. The instructions on how to get your free copy are shown below.

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap on Redeem
  • Enter this promo code CBLAUNCH
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

LaunchMe is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handsets and is available for only $0.99.

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