Latest version of Hub2Watch brings hidden options and dynamically changing watchfaces

If you're a Pebble user you may have come across Hub2Watch, an app we have covered here before. It's more of an extension to the Talk2Watch Pro -- the third party Pebble watch client. Hub2Watch catches all accounts in the Hub and can notify you when you have a message. Which is great as it can notify you of messages that Talk2Watch Pro can't let you know of. However, you can't see the contents of the message, it's just a notification if which account has a message unread and how many unread messages there are within that account. You can check out our hands-on review of Hub2Watch to see it in action.

In this latest update, which brings us to v1.0.0.47, there are a number of additional features.

  • Fixed a bug that froze Hub2Watch on startup
  • Calendar appointments now show on 'Shake wrist' screen
  • Better handling of special characters
  • Update to every watchface - please reinstall all installed watchfaces
  • Support for multiple languages
  • New hidden options in Settings - Pebble battery status in Hub, Auto-changing watchfaces and VIP Mode

My favorite new feature is the auto changing watchfaces. Hub2Watch comes with three watchfaces. One that displays 1 notification, another that displays four and a third that will show you six notifications. The new dynamic function will mean that it automatically changes between those watchfaces depending on how many accounts have messages waiting for you. To make the most of this feature, all three watchfaces should be installed but the developer has said that it will work with Hub2Watch 1 and Hub2Watch 4 watchfaces are installed or Hub2Watch 4 and Hub2Watch 6 watchfaces are installed together. This function is part of the hidden options that is new to this build. To get his hidden options, need to double tap in any blank area in the Settings screen, ConsoleDebug mode set to ON toast will appear and new options will show to the bottom of the Settings page. Other hidden options include the ability to show the Pebble battery stats in the BlackBerry Hub and a VIP Mode.

Hub2Watch hidden options

VIP Mode works with BBM. To use VIP Mode, turn it on and also turn on VIP Learning Mode. Then go to a contact or BBM Group you'd like to add to VIP and write a message, an instant preview notification will appear asking you to Add contact to VIP, tap it, be quick as it only shows for a few seconds. After you've added all contacts and BBM Groups to VIP, you can turn off the VIP Learning Mode but keep VIP Mode turned. Whenever that contact or BBM group has a message, you'll get a VIP notification through to the watch, you'll know it because it says VIP. One thing to note about VIP Mode though, it isn't something that will be actively supported by the developer, it's just there for you to use if you wish. There will be no troubleshooting. You have been warned.

Hub2Watch VIP notification

All in all, I love the update, most especially the auto-changing watchfaces, very unique. The developer has noted that Hub2Watch will work with the upcoming Pebble Time. Please note that Hub2Watch needs Talk2Watch Pro to work. The Talk2Watch developer is also working on bringing functionality to the Pebble Time.

Hub2Watch is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99. Of course, if you've already purchased it then updating is free.

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