One of my must-have apps on BlackBerry is ClipMan Clipboard Manager. This multi-purpose tool began as an easy-to-use copying and pasting utility app for tracking multiple items added to your clipboard. Since its inception, it has integrated with BlackBullet, to synchronize your clipboard across all your devices, Turbo Reader, and even added a Shortcut button. In its next evolutionary step, ClipMan can now add to the list Plugin Framework.

Latest version of ClipMan Clipboard Manager adds support for two new plugin apps

The new version of ClipMans brings support for two new plugins by QtHelex for your compatible BlackBerry 10 device for additional functionality. What these two plugins bring to your device is a useful Bookmark Manager and a Web Browser. The former allows you to access and store links in one place for a quick way of viewing sites, while the latter lets you send links from any app on your device to the plugin for viewing later. Now you can be more productive by not having to switch between multiple apps and screens, including the native browser.

Bookmark Plugin

Bookmark Plugin for ClipMan

ClipMan Clipboard Manager does a great job at storing links for a later time. However, this new plugin turns ClipMan into a bookmark manager. Links you copy on your device are not only stored in ClipMan, but sent to the Bookmark plugin as well. It saves you a few steps with having to filter links in ClipMan. Simply go into the Bookmark Plugin app and all of your copied links are stored with the Title of the website.

As with ClipMan, the same features regarding links are available to you. The plugin gives you the ability to filter bookmarks by protected/unprotected (locked) or favorited links, a search function, ability to share to another app or save to a textfile, delete links and clear history, and share to another app. You can also send to Read Out, BlackBullet, or Turbo Reader.

You can purchase Bookmark Plugin for $0.99 in BlackBerry World.

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Browser Plugin

Browser Plugin for ClipMan

For those who want a dedicated app for storing websites without having to switch to your browser, there is Browser Plugin. This is a simple browser for viewing content or for accessing the Internet directly without switching back-and-forth to the BlackBerry Browser.

From within an app, including the HUB, simply press and hold a link and select 'Open In" and choose Browser Plugin. The link is stored in the plugin and, as it is also a browser, you can load the site directly from within the app whenever you want.

Browser Plugin also comes with a URL bar to access other websites directly. You have the choice of opening in the BlackBerry Browser, sharing to another app, or clearing your history. You can also view your history, reload the page, and go back or forward.

You can download this plugin for free in BlackBerry World.

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These new plugins will only work with v2.5.1 of ClipMan Clipboard Manager, which is now available to download in BlackBerry World. However, once installed, the plugins can be used independently.

You can purchase ClipMan Clipboard Manager for $1.99 in BlackBerry World.

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