Today during the Jam Asia keynote, we got a lot of numbers thrown at us about the health of the BlackBerry 10 platform. It was a bit hectic trying to initially make heads or tails of everything, but now we've got all of the main stats that were mentioned. 

  • 131,700+ apps for BlackBerry 10; total apps in BlackBerry World 256,668 - at same point (7 months) in OS lifecycle, Apple had 17,500, Android had 2,908
  • 37% of apps on BlackBerry World are from Asia Pacific developers
  • 9 out of 10 Asia Pacific BlackBerry developers recommend BlackBerry as a development platform
  • 33% of developers in Asia generate revenues through sales in North America
  • 20% generate revenues through sales in Europe
  • 4% generate revenues through sales in Middle East and Africa.
  • BlackBerry World carrier and in-app payment integration implemented with nearly 70 carriers integrated across 46 countries
  • More than 2x apps per user downloaded on BlackBerry 10 vs BlackBerry OS
  • Percentage of paid apps on BlackBerry 10 more than 5x than BlackBerry OS
  • Users generate 7x more revenue per download on BlackBerry 10 vs BlackBerry OS

There were a few others scattered around the talk, but those were the big ones. The comparisons to BlackBerry OS certainly look good, but aren't much of a surprise. Do any of these apps look surprising to you? 

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