Some more 10.2.1 goodies have shown up thanks to the latest leaked OS in the CrackBerry forums. In addition to the new incoming call screen, OS 10.2.1 looks to offer up some other new features as well. Again, we can't say with 100% certainty that any or all of these will be included in an official release, but the chances are good since they're showing up in leaks already. 

One of the big ones is a new customizable quick settings screen that allows you to choose what you see in your settings dropdown. This includes notifications, brightness, NFC, mobile hotspot, location services and even a flashlight. 


Also included is a white balance option for tweaking your display as well as a small addition of the battery showing in percentage when swiping up (which I totally dig).



So it looks like we may see some very cool new features in future OS updates. If you want to take advantage of these right now you'll have to go the leaked route but we'd steer clear for now until a more solid build comes around.

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