Latest Hub10 beta update adds several new features, improvements and bug fixes!

Back in early February, when Hub10 was introduced into the BlackBerry Beta Zone, it was pretty bare-bones offering that showed a ton of promise for those longing for a dark theme for the Hub on BlackBerry 10. Now, as we close February out, a new beta version has been unleashed into the Beta Zone that greatly expands on the original idea and adds several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Change log

  • Improved search. Searches are faster and detailed.
  • Fixed fonts. Hub10 font size follows system font (Thanks Roger!).
  • Fixed chrome and temperature on Bright theme.
  • Fixed Flag and Delete action size on Classic/Q10/Q5.

Features Unlocked:

  • Read Emails from the main Hub tab.
  • Mark Read/Unread from context actions/by tapping on the email icon.
  • Delete from Hub and/or server.
  • Compose and send emails.
  • Reply to emails.
  • Flag emails.

Gestures and Controls:

  • Perspective Reply: Splits screen for viewing and composing emails simultaneously.
  • Double Finger Swipe Left to Right: Perform this gesture when in Perspective Reply to peek into emails and select new email to view in the Perspective view.
  • Double Finger Swipe Top to Bottom: Perform this gesture when in Perspective Reply to Send/Cancel.
  • Swipe Left to Right: Perform this gesture in email tabs or the hub tab to quick delete an item from the Hub (It is not deleted from the Server).

As you can tell, a lot of work has been into the latest release and there's still plenty more to come as again, this is still just a beta app. The developer is open to feedback and suggestions, so if you do download it you should definitely give your feedback, either through Beta Zone or the CrackBerry Forums, where the developer has been actively responding to questions and feedback. If you haven't already, you can download Hub10 from the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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