BlackBerry Hub+ Services was recently updated to version and in typical fashion updates for the Hub+ applications are starting to arrive for users. This update brings new functionality to the BlackBerry Hub including support for Google Hangout notifications. In addition, new messages around Quick File feature and added support for GroupWise mail out-of-office notifications have been added to the mix.

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes by BlackBerry all have the usual 'Bug fixes and performance improvements' notes in the changelog but go ahead and grab the updates and let us know if you notice anything else within the version bump.

Users are also reporting that BlackBerry Notable and the BlackBerry Privacy Shade are starting to appear for users as part of the Hub+ Suite for non-BlackBerry devices. Your mileage may vary as there are dozens of Android devices in the market and your device may not be whitelisted as of yet. With this update, we've gone back and updated our master list of social accounts that integrate with the BlackBerry Hub.

Download BlackBerry Hub+ Services

Thanks John!