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Latest BlackBerry 'Venice' slider leak shows off BlackBerry Productivity Suite


When BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Experience Suite back in March at Mobile World Congress for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the packages were broken up into three different sections, BlackBerry Productivity Suite, BlackBerry Communication Suite and BlackBerry Security Suite, with each package offering something special to other platforms. To go along with all other the BlackBerry 'Venice' slider leaks, @evleaks has now posted up a GIF of what appears to be a demo of the BlackBerry Productivity Suite running on the Venice slider.

Latest BlackBerry 'Venice' slider leaks shows off BlackBerry Productivity Suite

If you'll recall, the BlackBerry Productivity Suite essentially brings the Hub, BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Contacts, Docs to Go, the BlackBerry Keyboard and finally, Universal Search, which would explain some of the APK files noted to be on the Venice as posted earlier by @evleaks. So, what does all this mean? Well, it's looking as though as part of BlackBerry possibly bringing an Android device to market, they've baked up the BlackBerry Productivity Suite right into their Android ROM to help differentiate it from other Android devices out there, effectively bringing some of those BlackBerry experiences we all know and love to Android.

If you've been following the Venice rumors for a while now, that detail shouldn't really be all that surprising as we've been hearing all along that the Android experience BlackBerry is putting together will reportedly bring the good bits of BlackBerry 10 and make them applicable to Android through a custom skin and apps but it's nice to see some of it all laid out, even if it's still in rough draft form for now.