If you've signed up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone and are participating in the BlackBerry Link beta then chances are good you've already seen the latest survey asking what changes customers want to see in BlackBerry Link future releases. However, if you're not part of that program, then you may have missed the hints of things BlackBerry is looking to add. The survey sent out lists things already integrated into BlackBerry Link but then asks what new and existing features should be added.

  • Wireless Media Sync
  • Remote File Access
  • Selective Backup/Restore
  • BlackBerry Hub Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • BBM Integration
  • BlackBerry World Integration
  • BlackBerry Protect Integration

Looking at the list, I think they should all be added but keen eyes will notice that BBM integration, Hub and SMS integration are present. I honestly don't know why BlackBerry is beating around the bush on this subject. There's enough 'proof' out there that they're already working on these things anyway from the BlackBerry Jam Asia demo of it right down to the files in the BlackBerry 10 OS that allow for launching the Hub, BBM and SMS right on your desktop, also known as Fuse. It's all just disabled for end users right now through blocking of the proxy on the device.

In any case, it looks as though BlackBerry is ramping up for a new release of BlackBerry Link which is sorely needed but out of all the things listed on the survey, what would you like to see added? If you're not part of the BlackBerry Beta Zone or not in the BlackBerry Link program, might as well let BlackBerry know in the comments what you would like to see added.

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