Latest BlackBerry Hub+ Services update brings WeChat and Line integration

Since the release of the BlackBerry Hub on Android and ultimately, BlackBerry Hub+ Services on Android, BlackBerry has slowly been adding additional integrations to the BlackBerry Hub. Most recently, Facebook Messenger was added to the mix, and now, BlackBerry has once again added a few more services. The latest update, which still appears to be a beta, for now, includes integration for popular messaging services WeChat and Line. A welcome addition for anyone using those apps, no doubt.

If you do not see the update, don't worry. As noted, it does still appear to be a beta update for now, but it feels like it's getting close to that time when BlackBerry rolls out their mass updates to all their apps, so it likely won't be long before Google Play shows you that multiple updates are available. If you did grab the update, let us know how the new app integrations are working for you!

Download BlackBerry Hub+ Services from Google Play

Thanks, Noah!