LaterFlag: Flag Your Emails For Follow Up!

Fabian Heuwieser has been back at work on his awesome and most importantly useful BlackBerry applications. This time around he has created LaterFlag, an application which allows you to flag your emails in two ways (high or low priority) for follow up at a later time. Best of all it's a free application.

Most of you who are running a 5.0 leaked OS will have noticed this type of service is indeed integrated into the OS, but those of you on older devices where 5.0 is not available are going to want to grab this one for sure. Is it just me or does Fabian seem like a porcrastinator to you all? First LaterDude, now LaterFlag - the man likes to put things off, but I'll assume it's just to make us great apps for our devices. Thanks go out to Fabian for bringing us just what our devices need, no less.

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